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See What Others Are Saying About Myo Made Easy!


“Myo Made Easy’s Sticky Spot really helped. I saw within one week an improvement in good tongue resting placement and even with the mouth closed. One girl commented that it was like carrying a speech therapist in her mouth! Children get to choose their favorite favor and Rhonda even made chocolate flavor as per my request! Sticky Spot helps me to cut the number of sessions it would have taken to accomplish the same result!”  

~ Corien Dorotea, Barcelona Speech and Language Therapist, Barcelona, Spain

"I have been in the orthodontic field for 30+ years. We used to tell parents, ‘Please remind your child to stop his tongue thrust!’ This was our only option to deal with myofunctional conerns. After attending a training program that demonstrated how to teach proper tongue postion and excercises to retrain the muscles, I spent a lot of time figuring out how to implement this into our practice. Myo Made Easy’s one-stop shop and service made it so much easier. Myo Made Easy was truly EASY for me. Our relapse cases are much less and when they happen, the small cases finish up faster with less chair time."

~ Deneen Weik, Bower Dental Center, Alberta, Canada

“Myo Made Easy has prepared my therapy kits for years now. The professionalism, cleanliness and quality of service has been outstanding! It truly makes it easy for me not to worry about finding supplies and assembling them in an accurate, attractive timely manner. This frees me to spend more time helping patients, and marketing, promoting and developing my business to it’s fullest potential. Thanks Myo Made Easy!”

~ Joy L. Moeller, BS, RDH, BBE, Pacific Palisades, CA

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